4 Nov 2011

Ffefrynau Friday ( 04.11.11 }

1. Vintage Christmas decorations 2. Lovely shelf display 3. Mood board
4. More wallpaper I adore 5. Junk style kitchen 6. Sewing Suitcase
7. 'Shroom tree decorations 8. Christmas decorations 9. Felt advent calendar

Christmas is obviously very much on my mind this week, along with more lovely interior inspirations.

  •  You may not have heard of Two Paddocks wine but you'll probably have heard of Sam Neill. Two Paddocks is his wine label and has the most brilliant website, blog and video clips that you really should go check out. Especially the videos! Sam Neill is also on twitter as @twopaddocks and if those videos aren't enough, check out this one on youtube - it involves dancing. And an orang-utan.
  •   A Beautiful Mess posted a great tutorial on how to transfer a photocopy to canvas
  •  A couple of videos that were filmed for the Doctor Who wrap party held for David Tennant, Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner were leaked online this week. If you're in any way a fan of the show or a lover of silliness then I urge you to check out the crew's rendition of 500 Miles* and a surprise song called the Ballad of Russell and Julie

I'm away next week filming around and about South Wales so I won't be posting, but I've asked some lovely bloggers to chime in with some posts throughout the week. In fact, next week will be the most prolific my blog has ever been, enjoy! 

* Blink and you'll miss me!

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  1. Now I kinda want to track down some of those wine and have a taste... even though I'm not really a wine drinker, and when I am, I'm more for Shiraz than Pinot.


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