3 Dec 2011

Housekeeping: New Blog Address

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Apologies for the radio silence, between a terrible cold that resulted in the loss of my social life whilst at its peak and some housekeeping I've been doing on the blog I haven't had enough time to put together some posts.

In case anyone's RSS feed went a little nuts with every single post on this blog, please please forgive me. I decided a little while ago that I wanted the address for my blog to reflect the name. To that end, I've changed the URL for the blog to GirlmeetsWolf.co.uk so that everyone who's using the Google Friends Connect widget* doesn't have to re-friend me on the new blog address. In order not to lose everyone following through other means I've recreated the blog with the old Welsh-Pixie address so that all old links will remain working. In the future, should I ever actually start making vintage reproduction children's clothes the Welsh-Pixie address will be available to me should I want it. However, it will no longer be updated with posts being published on Girl meets Wolf so please update your RSS feeds and bookmarks if you'd still like to receive my sporadic ramblings about anything that appears to enter my head.

I've streamlined the look of the blog, some things - whilst pretty - just weren't working for me and were more irritating than helpful, so they have gone! I'm not going to be messing around with the template (hopefully) for a very long time! I am, however, going to go back and re-write my CSS tutorials after some conversations with Charly, so for the moment those are not available but will be popping back up.

And as I finished with the BBC (for the second time in a fortnight) on Thursday I have more time for sewing! I'm looking forward to finishing (well, in some cases starting and finishing) the projects on my to-do list and sharing them with you.

* Google announced recently it was planning on shelving Friend Connect, but I think (hopefully!) that didn't apply to the Blogger widget version.

Thanks for stopping by,

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