12 Nov 2011

Project: Dresser

Firstly I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Sarah, Suzy and Sølvi (ooh, I alliterated and didn't even realise it!) for stepping in with guest posts at incredibly short notice whilst I was away. I don't know about you but I loved every one of them. Thank you girls, I couldn't have asked for better posts!

So recently I took a road trip to pick up a dresser I'd bought with my friend, Scott, who came along as the muscle. The dresser was another one of my bargains off eBay, scored for £50. It wasn't until I'd painted it, re-attached the doors and added my new door knobs that I realised just why it was only fifty quid.

The dresser was advertised looking like this:

Blurry certainly didn't do it justice, neither did the over-crowded room it was stored in. Scottie and I heaved my new dresser over a bed and around a drum kit, past the piles of boxes and out to my Mum's RAV4 borrowed specially for the occasion (via Bridgend and a cup of tea with cake). Thankfully, it fit.

Driving very slowly, paranoid I was going to break the glass doors, I edged my way back home where Scott and I heaved it up the front steps, past the new-to-me eBayed front door (I don't think I've told you much about that yet) and past the dining room table to it's fireplace alcove. It was the perfect size.

My new-to-me dresser in its new-to-it home

Knowing my flash-in-the-pan attention span, I immediately took all the doors off, took down the top piece and began painting it. Two weeks later I finally finished painting it, I knew if I stopped it would just sit there half done forever but it was a mammoth effort in self-control just to get to the finish line. Here's the end result:

I discovered, when I put the doors back on, that everything was a little warped. Gaps around the bottom cupboard doors were hidden by the darkness of the wood, and highlighted once painted white. The glass doors also fit strangely and don't close properly. The holes for the handles have been drilled unevenly and the drawers are too thick for my new handles to fit through. It's a crude dresser, made from sub-standard pine that stank of cigarette smoke. And I love it ... well, apart from the smell.

I've shabbied up the paint work, exposing the blue undercoat I gave certain areas. I still need to finish dressing it, I have some mini-bunting planned and I'm going to paint the wooden box green, but overall I'm very very pleased with the result.

The glass cupboard holds all my patterns and my button jars, miscellaneous bits and pieces, and elastics. The drawers hold all my sewing paraphernalia that I don't want on display and the cupboards hold ... stuff. Deciding just what to put in it took a whole weekend, after three years of no storage in my dining room I was suddenly indecisive over just what I wanted to put away!

All in all, definitely worth the effort. Still, I hope it's a long time before I have to paint any furniture again!

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. This is a beautiful transformation - you must be so pleased. So much nicer than shelves.

  2. You've done a marvellous job, Tors! What a wonderful piece! I love the dresser's wonkiness, too; makes it that much more unique. I also love the paint swatches on your chimney breast - the small aqua square on the bottom left is my favourite colour. :)

    I was so delighted to guest post on your blog! Thank you so much for asking!

  3. I love your new dresser, fantastic transformation. It's gorgeous!!

    And it was a pleasure to guest post on your blog! xx

  4. It looks so good - I am a little jealous of your great ebay bargain,as I am obsessed with storage type furniture. The paint has totally transformed it wonkiness and warpedness included. I was humming and hawing over whether to white gloss a second hand chest of drawers next week and you have given me a definite nudge towards getting the paint tin out.

  5. love it sis, I can't believe the transformation, I want one!! ( I love the blue swirly knobs) love you more xxx

  6. Thank you everyone!

    @Clare, shelves are so very expected, don't you think?

    @Minnado, I hope you'll post pictures of the drawers once you're done!

  7. Oh wow, well done - this is such an impressive transformation!


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