29 Jun 2011

Spotlight: Chronic Bitchface

I saw this ... erm, well I think it was on the Delightful Dozen blog a while back but I could be wrong. As soon as I saw it I started laughing hysterically and screaming yes, yes, yesyes like a bad Meg Ryan impression. Frankly I'm surprised it wasn't this that sparked the recent #randomshitmyhousematesays that Kay started tweeting this weekend but instead an inane comment followed by excited-by-cheese noises.

Beautifully illustrating a little known condition that affects more people than you'd probably realise, thanks Kristomatic, for making my day(s).

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28 Jun 2011

New Blog Design { Again }

Yes, those eagled eyed among you will have noticed I've changed the layout of my blog. Again. I'm obsessed, I know.

There have been a lot of things I've been unhappy with recently, my job and my blog layout were the top of the list so I've changed both. I'm back at the BBC from Monday and voila! a new layout. There's still some bugs to iron out which I'll be quietly working on but if you find something displaying wrong or weirdly please let me know in the comments or via the contact page above.

Whilst talking to LandGirl1980 on twitter about templates and new layouts I showed her the before and after. This template was originally the Zinmag Tribune template I found over at btemplates.com.

I loved the layout (mostly) but didn't want those colours, prefering the colours I'd decided on for the previous layout. I'd also seen a template called Grid Focus who's menu bar I really liked. So I added that part to this, changed all the colours, spent about two weeks swearing and finally created this. I don't know about you but I love it! LandGirl seemed to love it too and appeared to be a bit crestfallen because she didn't know how to tailor templates. So I've promised her (and you) tutorials because literally all I've done is change colours, add/ remove sections and create incredibly basic graphics. Easy peasy! So long as you've got the patience to go through each line of code and, if necessary, make a change, check it, undo the change and repeat. I'm not going to lie, it's time consuming and frustrating at times but when you get the finished product you'd been seeing in your head it's totally worth it.

There are, however, some things I can't get to work. My lovely post headers have lost my special font and disqus doesn't present properly and so I've returned to bloggers comments. This has meant I've lost everyone's comments since disqus was switched on until now. Boo!

You'll probably notice other changes. The name of the blog is now Girl meets Wolf. This was done to reflect my life as it currently stands. Welsh Pixie was something I came up with when I wanted to make childrens clothes, I still want to try my hand at that but until I do Welsh Pixie isn't something that reflects who I am at the moment. Plus, the wolf is constantly photo bombing me so it seemed only fair!

Moving forward I want to focus on my quest for a style, my sewing (when I'm being productive), my job where it's relevant and my progress with the house. I'm also planning on selling off my wardrobe to fund buying clothes I actually like/ fit and will be posting anything here that I feel might be of interest first.

Oh yes, I'm baaaaaaaack with a vengeance!

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24 Jun 2011

Style It Light: For a Lazy Summer

style it light: for a lazy summer
style it light: for a lazy summer by GirlmeetsWolf featuring a suede skirt

Style It Light are running a Wear It Your Way challenge that I thought I'd have a go at. I've been playing with layering concepts and love the idea of a long dress under a simple skirt to allow the dress to create a nice band of fabric at the bottom of the skirt, almost like an apron skirt effect. I'm in love with florals right now so this dress was a must have and offered a lovely blue that could be picked up with accessories. Add some wedges, shades and a great hat for a casual girly look.

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