29 Jun 2011

Spotlight: Chronic Bitchface

I saw this ... erm, well I think it was on the Delightful Dozen blog a while back but I could be wrong. As soon as I saw it I started laughing hysterically and screaming yes, yes, yesyes like a bad Meg Ryan impression. Frankly I'm surprised it wasn't this that sparked the recent #randomshitmyhousematesays that Kay started tweeting this weekend but instead an inane comment followed by excited-by-cheese noises.

Beautifully illustrating a little known condition that affects more people than you'd probably realise, thanks Kristomatic, for making my day(s).

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  1. That's great- I definitely suffer from this ailment (only realised how serious a problem it was when I took photos of myself smiling for my blog - but no smile is apparent in the photos!). Does this come in a tag or badge you can put on your blog


  2. It's a terrible curse to bear for sure! ;)

    Not sure about the tag or badge, you'd have to ask the creator Kristina but if she does have something let me know, I need one too!


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