18 Nov 2011

Ffefrynau Friday { 18.11.11 }

1. Teeny tiny seam tutorial 2. Old silverware napkin rings 3. Gingham flowers
4. Elf stockings 5. Pretty pot holders 6. Great eye make-up
7. Fabric covered suitcases 8. Pretty picture 9. Embroidered Christmas ornament

I need more Christmas ideas, does anyone know of any on Pinterest that I've missed?

  •  I discovered Clare's blog, A ZigZag Path, from a comment she left. Leave me links to your blogs so I can take a looksie, I love finding new reads! 
  •  Speaking of new blogs, I also discovered Lola Nova this week
  •  Looking for interior ideas on how to use vintage pieces to bring interest to your home? Check out The Vintage Inspired Home, mucho pretty pictures to drool over!
  •  Want a great tutorial on how to edit your pin-up style photos? Click here
  •  For my last day at the BBC, Dave-the-Editor baked a peanut butter chocolate brownies version of this recipe and they were a little taste of heaven

I'm having a mini blogger meet-up with Lauren of Tea and Crumpets tomorrow. We were both a bit rubbish at photo snapping our day last time we met, here's hoping we're a little more snap happy this time!

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    1. Ah, thanks for the mention! Am trying to post at least once a week - your ffefrynau fiday is a great idea. I've got to get some of those gingham flowers and some elf stockings, obviously..!

    2. @Clare, you're very welcome, I love the look of what you're sewing and can't wait to see what else you come up with!

      I should probably have mentioned at some point that ffefrynau (which I think is pronounced fevri-nigh) means favourite in Welsh ... or so I'm told! ;)

    3. Thanks for the tip about 'The vintage inspired home' - looking to move house next year so that will be fab for inspiration! xx


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