8 Nov 2011

Guest Post: Autumn Fashion in 1954

Hello, I'm Suzy from Suzy Sewing. A few weeks ago Tors had a wonderful post about Winter Style and one of her considerations was that she is often too cold to wear the stylish and gorgeous outfits from where she gets inspiration. I totally understand her and in keeping with the spirit decided to share with you some scans of what was in fashion  this time of the year back in 1954. I am seriously developing a hoarding/ collection issue with vintage magazines, so happy to share some gorgeous images with you. Hope you enjoy!

The tide was changing and some more box shaped fashions were starting to emerge.

Yet the well known shape of the 50s New Look is still strong. I absolutely love this day to evening look. And she's wearing flats! How comfortable is that.

Many of the designs focus on the use of woollens for dresses. Illustrations focus on textures and colours. Very autumn, don't you think?

And finally I will leave you with the below scan, entitled Flatter your Figure. I am a firm believer that if you dress for your figure and know how to accentuate good bits and disguise not so good bits, you will be able to pull off any era of fashion.


  1. What a great selection of pictures! I would like to make a warm circle skirt but the price of wool fabric is so high...

  2. I love this! Especially the last scan, so nice. And I agree with you about dressing for your figure! :-)


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