21 Feb 2010

Spotlight: Lena Hoschek

Now I'm not a labels person, I don't understand the draw of paying for a name. But I saw this collection over on Lulu Letty and fell madly in love. Braces! Tweed! Knitwear! Hats! If I ever have a grown up job I want to wear clothes just like these ... or just, y'know, in general for a job would be quite awesome. Check out the full collection here: Lena Hoschek Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection.

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More pictures can be found on my tumblr page.

And, oh so exciting, I'm going to a vintage fashion fair in a week. For anyone in the Cardiff area and interested there's more information here. Tickets are £3 in advance (bought mine!) and the stalls run from Victorian to the 70's. Can't wait!

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20 Feb 2010

Vintage Day

Today I have spent most of the hours not walking the wolf watching period films and ogling all the vintage clothes or rummaging through blogs about vintage clothes. I love vintage but I've never really worn vintage. I've worn retro. I own retro. In fact I have a whole wardrobe almost overflowing with tea dresses that I adore but never wear. Why? Because I'm too scared.

I've never liked drawing attention to myself, I don't usually dress in loud colours (odd when you consider my favourite colour in the world is red) or in anything with much of a print or a stripe. Wearing vintage or retro styles was always something I felt would be too much like pointing a spotlight at myself and that did not make me feel comfortable. But more and more as I approach my mid-thirties, I'm finding my dislike for the sameness of clothes that everyone's wearing is growing. I want more. I want to be unique. I want clothes that actually fit me, and what's more look good on me. And I really want to stop being so scared.

Well, I'm pleased to say that I found my courage (I put it in a safe place some time ago and forgot where that was). This past week I bought a vintage 50's/ 60's wool cape. Welsh tapestry. Welsh. It's perfect and I love it, despite my best friend threatening to smack me with a kipper if I bought it because she thinks it's hideous. I also bought two 70's style jumpers, one long sleeved blue and stripey and the other a red stripey vest that looks like something that belongs on a Christmas tree. I love all three of my purchases (not quite as much as I love the vintage Aga I just bought but close) and I've already worn the long sleeve jumper.

I have painted my nails bright red (1940's style), plucked my eyebrows (a little too enthusiastically) and am taking a leaf out of Super Kawaii Mama's book: It is all about choosing to live your most glamorous life, regardless of your income level or parental status.

I've never been particularly glamorous, nor do I have the patience to spend every day dolling myself up. I don't want to live my life solely in vintage and heels. But I also don't want to feel like I can't wear bright red lipstick to Tesco if I choose to. I want to wear all my tea dresses and wear different shades of red nail polish depending on the day. I want a stash of stockings with seams (I love stockings with seams), pencil skirts and wiggle dresses. I want knitwear that's lacy and beautiful. I want to wear my hair in victory rolls whenever I feel like it because they're not just fun but also funky. I want to celebrate the things I love from past times and mix it with the things I love about my time. And maybe, just maybe, if I don't forget the safe place I put my courage this time, I might just do that.

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