21 Feb 2010

Spotlight: Lena Hoschek

Now I'm not a labels person, I don't understand the draw of paying for a name. But I saw this collection over on Lulu Letty and fell madly in love. Braces! Tweed! Knitwear! Hats! If I ever have a grown up job I want to wear clothes just like these ... or just, y'know, in general for a job would be quite awesome. Check out the full collection here: Lena Hoschek Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection.

{ Source: unknown }

More pictures can be found on my tumblr page.

And, oh so exciting, I'm going to a vintage fashion fair in a week. For anyone in the Cardiff area and interested there's more information here. Tickets are £3 in advance (bought mine!) and the stalls run from Victorian to the 70's. Can't wait!

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