1 Mar 2010

For The Love Of Vintage

Loved, loved, loved the vintage fashion fair on Sunday. It was like 40 charity shops all in the same place. There was some real crap and most of it seemed to date from the 60's and 70's (not my eras at all) but then you'd come across some absolutely stunning pieces and all would be right in the world.

My friend Joanne and I had pre-booked tickets. I'd hoped to get to City Hall in time for the midday draw but the first train into town from our village was at 11.41 so there was no way we were going to make it, particularly as Joanne is 8 months pregnant and in the year I've known her has never been on time for anything. We're lucky we made the train at all, and with a two hour wait til the next one I was hustling us as fast as she could go.

Bizarrely, the best stalls in the place were the three or four in the entrance foyer. Joanne's friend, Judith, made several purchases there including a red and orange cape very similar to mine except half the price (!). I found a beautiful blue 1950's style dress that I hid on the rack and planned to come back to if nothing else took my fancy. As I was on a strict budget I didn't want to spend it all on the first stall!

Felt stuff galore! I love felt stuff. There were posies and brooches:

And hats! Oh my, the hats!

I bought a bright red, 50's style cardi cut to sit at my (very high) waist and with three-quarter length sleeves (I'll post a pic tomorrow). I was very happy to find the blue 50's dress was still there when we headed home and grabbed it to try it on. Unfortunately, it was waaaay too small for me, my shape being nothing like an hourglass (all straight lines me) and although it looked great it just wouldn't do up. I resigned myself to not having it and tried to take it off. And tried. And tried. Finally, I asked two young girls in the bathroom with me to help me take it off and they had to lift it off me like I was a three year old getting ready for bed!

In deference to Joanne's inability to walk fast I wore my Hush Puppy T-Bar shoes in blue so that I couldn't walk too fast either. As gale's had been forecast I forgoe wearing my denim pencil skirt and wore my jeans slightly rolled up with a short-sleeved blouse in white and olive and a brown cardi cut to sit on my waist with three-quarter length sleeves. And my cape. Me and my vintage cape on a vintage day out.

Cape: Vintage
Jeans: River Island
Shoe: Hush Puppy
Bag: Don't remember!

Oh, and Happy St David's Day! Dydd Gwŷl Dewi Sant Hapus!

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