25 Mar 2010

Big Crazy, Little Crazy & Just Plain Crazy

Big Crazy (aka Bear the wolf-dog) has taken to jumping on me whenever Little Crazy (aka Puck the kitten) comes anywhere near me. Which is, unfortunately for my lap, rather more often than I feel my knees can take. Bear weighs almost as much as I do and is only an inch or so shorter than me when he stands on his back legs (there's a reason I called him Bear!), I can hear my knees creak every time he gets jealous.

Little Crazy is easily the most affectionate cat I've ever had, he wants nothing more than to curl up with a human. Unfortunately, as I'm spending quite a bit of time crafting, the easiest place he's found to curl up is on the back of my neck! As you can imagine this makes sewing a leetle difficult.

If he's not sat on the back of my head/ neck, then he's busy trying to play with my needle/ cotton/ fabric/ template/ pattern/ pins* or attempting to drink my tea or eat my snack.

All this, coupled with the running and the jumping and the chasing (often over and around my bed whilst I'm still in it), has made me just plain Crazy.

* Delete as applicable

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  1. Oh so this is your kitty - you're weren't exaggerating, total nutcase! Your dog is just gorgeous, I bet you have great times out with him.

  2. Nope, no exaggerating necessary! I can't count the number of times I've come in and found him clinging to the top of the curtains. I did briefly consider renaming him Monkey as he's a cheeky sod that won't stop climbing things, people, etc but couldn't bring myself to have two pets named after other animals ;)


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