22 Mar 2010

When Pigs Fly

I started this before Christmas, a little something for a friend who has now been waiting almost a year for her birthday present. I plan on (hopefully) finishing the birthday present today and thought I would add the pig as I'm sure she thought she'd get the present only when pigs started flying (I'm easily amused!)

The pattern came from Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle by Tone Finnanger. There's an abundance of fabulously pretty things to make in her books (I have two and want at least one of almost everything). And, even better, you really only need to know how to do a running stitch in order to make most of her things.

All you need to do is photocopy the designs at the back of the book, trace them onto card, draw around the shapes on to your chosen fabric and then hand stitch along the line you've just drawn. Only then do you cut out the shape, adding your seam allowance. Turn in the right way round, stuff and stitch closed. Once all the pieces have been stuffed and closed you tack the pieces together and all of a sudden pigs are flying.

So far I've made two different teddies, some mittens and the pig. Next on the list is a pink and white dog teddy for my friend's little girl, Thea, as well as finishing the aforementioned tardy birthday present ... unfortunately not a Tone creation and significantly more complicated!

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