18 Mar 2010

Rockin' the Hair

Mum changed the departure time on me twice on Friday morning and with the extra time I decided to experiment with my fringe. I quite like the results, if I can get it a little more in-line I'll be happy! (Apologies for the poor quality cameraphone pic!)

I tried to get the look by using my small curling iron. I've had this thing years, but still don't know how to use it and it's been stuck in a drawer in my bedroom almost since the day I bought it. I'd watched a tutorial by Lisa Freemont Street on youtube and seen her transform a long fringe by using a curling iron. It looked pretty simple (famous last words!) so I thought I'd try it myself. I should've known it wouldn't be that easy! As it became more and more apparent that I was only making more of a mess of my hair I decided to give up and use my straighteners to fix it. And then I remembered how I used to curl my hair under when I had a chin length bob and thought I would try the same trick on my fringe. Voila! Pin-up bangs! Not brilliant pin-up bangs, but for a first attempt - and a fix of a failed attempt at that - I'm rather pleased.

I got all dressed up and then had nowhere to go as the lambing didn't happen. Well, it did, just not with my Mother and myself in attendance. The farmer was at some of his other fields checking the cows for TB and we figured that was slightly more important than acting as a tourist guide. So no lambing photos.

The vintage Aga is in, pictures to follow. I love it. The house is much warmer, the kitchen looks fab (and is almost finished!). I haven't cooked anything other than toast and hot cross buns on it so far (and tea!) but I've invited my neighbours over for a roast dinner on Sunday so that'll be the big one!

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