11 Mar 2010

Easily Pleased

I woke up this morning convinced it was Wednesday.

Fishy the Plumber came and completed work on my sink. I am so easily pleased that I giggled all the way through making my first cup of tea from the kettle filled with water from the new sink and not having to go to a different room to get the milk from the fridge. I forsee it may be some time before I stop being excited about this.

I decided to tackle some of the painting today. So this morning I started sanding down all the walls that are dotted with filler (read: all of them). Very very dusty. Because I like being prepared I'd covered my hair with a scarf 1940's style using Solanah's helpful post on how to tie it properly found here. As you can see, the results (for once) turned out correctly! Although I do need a bigger scarf (or a smaller head).

And then - rather thankfully! - Mum called to invite me over tomorrow to watch some lambs being born. She asked when the roofers were coming to re-line my chimney in preparation for the vintage Aga on Monday. Thursday I told her. Today's Thursday, she said. No, today's Wednesday, I said. Are you sure? She asked. I had to admit that now she was asking I wasn't so I double checked and then hurriedly hung up as the roofers were due in a couple of hours and I needed to shower and get to the bank to get their money!

As I was driving out the main road through the village a big black van with a very large ladder pulled in to my turning and I knew that was my roofers. I'd left my front door and back door unlocked in case of just such an occurrence and when they phoned to ask if it was okay to arrive an hour early they were shocked to learn the doors were open and the wolf wouldn't eat them.

So I am all clean and tidy, talking to various people about kittens (don't ask) with two guys making a huge amount of sooty mess in my brand new kitchen and clambering about on my roof. So exciting!

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