29 Mar 2010

Should've Been A Cinch

Yes, that's right. The WKD waist cincher didn't fit properly.

It should have, and would have, if I was the same size all over. But I'm not, so it didn't. What it did do was reduce my waist to 28.5 inches from 30, which was rather nice. Unfortunately, it also kept getting caught on the bottom of my bra and rucking up, not a pretty look. I think, possibly, because I wasn't wearing a vintage bra but my normal t-shirt bra and didn't have a wide seam under the bust for it to sit against (I'd considered posting pictures but I just can't bring myself to post pictures of me in my unmentionables for the entire interweb to view). Fortunately for my terrible curves, WKD do a waspie which is essentially a mini waist cincher, in their Sarah range which should do the trick.

{ Source: What Katie Did }
Photo shows Glamorous Waspie

This isn't my favourite range, it's a bit too pink for me, a dedicated tomboy until a year or so ago, and I'm concerned the pink will show through light coloured clothes. The waist cincher in the Glamorous range was a more nude shade of pink and I felt a bit more comfortable with that, but the waspie has lace and detachable suspenders and, y'know, won't make me look like I've got a ring around my bust which always helps.

Wearing it for any period of time is still an experiment to attempt. I didn't want to spend all day wearing something I was going to be returning, particularly with a kitten and a dog that do seem to like destroying all my nice clothes. I've requested the replacement waspie and will just have to wait til I receive that to determine just how comfortable (or not!) it will be.

(Please note the Sarah range is no longer available but the Glamorous range (pictured) has a waspie.)

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