2 Nov 2011

Project: Kids Bear Costume

Back in September, Jessica of Running with Scissors posted a request on her blog for pattern testers. Having seen, and fallen in love with, her kids Wolf, Bear and Fox costumes (the exact patterns she was wanting tested) I jumped at the chance. 
Unfortunately, a combination of poor timing and the lurgy meant I didn't finish making the costume on time, but I did successfully manage to sew the entire costume in a day (less actually, but I faff about a lot ... just in case you'd not noticed that!).

Not having children of my own I made this costume for my nephew but my sister has been completely unable to convince him to try it on! I sent it to them at the beginning of October and have finally given up hope of having photographic evidence provided of him wearing it. This means you get boring hanging-on-the-wall pictures and a silly picture of me modelling the hood.

I thought about modelling the tail too but I just couldn't get it to photograph well.

The pattern was delightfully simple to follow, despite my confusion around the gusset (which I ended up putting in from back to front on purpose but not reading instructions properly as is my way and so getting a little lost). I've never sewn a gusset before and it was a definite head-scratch moment trying to figure out the instructions which, once I had figured them out, made perfect sense if I'd just been paying attention.

I made the costume out of a fleece blanket, the result is perhaps a little thicker than needed resulting in thinner arms and legs, probably not helped by the fact I didn't press the seams very well. Although I'm not sure if I was supposed to add seam allowance (which I didn't) because (as per normal) I didn't read the instructions properly. I made the 4 year old size as my sister insists Noah is very tall for his age (I think she's delusional) and then had to laugh when she received it and thought it would be too long for him. I'm guessing we might never actually know.

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