31 Oct 2011

How Do You Use Pinterest?

I've been spending lots of time on Pinterest recently. Yes. Again. I regularly review my pins on any given subject as I'm thinking about various projects. The completion of my dresser (pictures to follow once I actually experience enough daylight to photograph it in) has made me start to think about what other furniture I need in the dining room. Obviously, the first place I start is my Dining Room board on Pinterest. Okay, so actually the first place I start is by figuring out how much of the crap sitting on every available surface (and in some instances the floor) needs to be kept in the dining room as well as, y'know, kept. But right after that I head to Pinterest.

Once I've had a nosey through my board of choice I tend to have a rummage through my followers pins. If I have time after that I look through the 'everyone' section to make sure there's not something pretty that I've missed. And then I probably go back to my original board, solidify my ideas in my head and remind myself what I'm looking for. Then I head to eBay and spend lots of money I don't have.

But I have noticed a tendency, on occasion, to re-pin pictures I've already pinned, unsurprising when you consider I've managed to rack up a rather generous 1000 plus pins over 39 boards, despite my freaky memory for things I've seen (which is why I adore pinterest!). And it got me thinking, how do you use Pinterest? Is it just to collect pretty pictures? Is it to visually bookmark recipes or tutorials? Do you even have a Pinterest account (and if not, why the hell not, are you crazy?!). Just how often do you go back and look at the things you've pinned, if at all? What exactly do you use Pinterest for? Answers on a postcard!

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  1. I've only got 20 boards and not very full yet, but I do go through and remove stuff I've acted on that I won't need again (like the new cat door and cellphone), a lot of mine are craft and clothing; not so much stuff for our house as we already have all we need for the moment.

  2. Hmm...interesting topic. I´ll say as much as I use Pinterest all the time, but for what? Let me see... I use it for keeping track of tutorials. That´s a huge advantage, I can instantly find what I´m looking for - love it for that! Otherwise I pin stuff like shoes and styles etc., and I love to see what others are pinning, that´s a very nice way of getting inspiration, I think!

  3. I don't use it- can't really see what the fuss is about to be honest!! If I see a picture I like I tend to save it on my computer.

    Plus I can't access it from work (banned under "social networking").

  4. I have yet to delve into the world of pintrest. Yet....

  5. I've just signed up, following reading this. I've seen it about but not had a go before. My intentions are to use it to build some visual ideas for sewing projects, and keep track of tutorials, but already I'm just pinning things that make me chuckle. My boyfriend helped me with a bug I was having on it, and within minutes he was hooked on geeky tech toys. At first I didn't like the idea of people being able to see your boards, I wanted it as a private space, but I'm beginning to twig the fun of the dynamic part of it.


  6. wellll, i have 31 boards and close to 2000 pins now... i do edit my boards to remove things i'm no longer in love with and to remove double pins. i actually have made a few of my recipe pins (i'll bite) and some of the pins for clothes i want to make (make me). i have actually purchased a few items i've pinned under style inspiration/ i like/stylish boards (the veronika frye boots and pink vans come to mind).

    BUT a lot of what i pin is lovely fantasy. boards like "the curiosity cabinet" and if "i had another house" are outlets for my inner goth. the "design home" boards are places to pin design elements/furniture/etc for whenever we do buy a house (far off in the future!).

    generally i check my pins a couple times a week to see if i've been repinned and to look at the repinner's boards (cause i'm nosey like that!), then i look at the everything tab and then, if i have time, i start searches.


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