15 Oct 2011

Project: Blushing Ted

A couple of days ago I posted my to-sew/ to-do list for Christmas decorations on the Crafty Christmas Club, a collective of crafters who come together each year to share tutorials and gift ideas. At no point on that list does it mention a blushing teddy and yet that's exactly what I ended up with last night. I love it so much I'm fighting with myself as I'd originally thought to gift it to my housemate for her baby-to-be-once-born, but now I find myself hoping she has a boy so I can keep it!

The pattern came from Sew Pretty Homestyle by Tone Finnanger and is, as ever, remarkably simple to make. I cannot recommend her books highly enough.

Fabric: White - Ikea, Patterned - Tilda from Puddlecrafts
Buttons: Stash
Blush: Paint stamp swirled on with a dry brush

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  1. This is adorable! Oh my goodness. Hm....wonder if I know a little person who would want one of these for Christmas....

  2. Thank you, I know I'm biased but I completely agree. Far too adorable not to make one for myself too ;)

    I'm not entirely certain they're suitable for strenuous play time, the arms and legs are held on with a length of embroidery thread running through the body so that they move but if the knot comes loose they'll fall right off! Just keep that in mind before a child falls in love with it or there might be tears by teatime!

  3. Oh he is some kind of cute!! I would have sewed him up, too! What a lovely, lovely baby gift!

  4. It's sooo cute!! I love it.


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