21 Oct 2011

Ffefrynau Friday { 21.10.11 }

1. Love the cardigan 2. Great picture wall 3. Wonderfully evocative picture
4. Dresser inspiration for my own 5. Orla Kiely dress modelled by Ale 6. Girly bedspread
7. Beautiful outfit and look 8. Messy and cluttered pin board 9. Lovely make-up

  •  I found, then lost, and have now re-found a brilliant tutorial on vintage-ing up a brand new dress form posted by Heather Bullard.

      Thanks for stopping by,


      1. Lovely pictures - I keep gazing at fairisle-type cardigans like the one in the first photo longingly. How I wish I had one! And the Orla Kieley dress...well, I can dream! Have a good weekend.

      2. The fairisle cardis are absolutely divine, I'm definitely going to have to track myself down one.

        I have plans for that picture of that dress, that's all I'm going to say ;)

        Have a great weekend!


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