16 Nov 2011

How Do You Use Pinterest? { Notes }

I wanted to do a brief follow-up to my How Do You Use Pinterest post a couple of weeks back because I found how everyone uses it really interesting. 

I'm very good at remembering things I've seen but find that the title of a page isn't going to stick in my memory, so a visual bookmarking system is perfect for me. I'm also slightly compulsive (I've mentioned this before) but I like to be able to return to something whenever I think about it to check something, review it or just see if there's anything else popping out at me that didn't before.

Because of this I find it very interesting that Rachelle deletes her pins once she's acted on them and feels she won't need them again (she cited pins for a cat door and cellphone as examples). I'm assuming this means she's essentially pinning a shopping list, is that right Rachelle? I haven't yet explored using pinterest in that way, mostly because by the time I have the cash to buy the thing I've pinned it'll no longer be available, but I can see the appeal. I'm just not sure I could delete the pins once I'm done with them!

Most of you seem to use it to bookmark and for inspiration. I still can't believe that Charly hasn't given in to peer pressure and that Popbabe's work ban it as social networking! I love that Kristin pins things that are just because she loves them and she populates her fantasy house with them. I'm also incredibly impressed with her restraint, I can't keep away from pinterest and yet Kristin only checks a couple of times a week! I've managed to get almost my entire office hooked and am working on the rest of the BBC.

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  1. I use it both as a shopping list and also for inspiration. I have a board especially for products I love and also one for craft supplies. If something is a one-off purchase and I do purchase it then I remove the pin. For my other boards I'll only remove it if I have a go at whatever it is and it's totally awful! Otherwise my craft, style and household pins will stay there

  2. Hello, stranger. I've been stopping by regularly even though I'm been lame-o in the commenting department. I'll also have you know that your Pinterest addiction = Gibson tuck in my hair! Woo-hoo!

    I'm not a Pinterest fiend yet, but that's likely chalked up to the fact that my computer moves like molasses (all those pictures, loading, loading). In the little I use it, it's for inspiration. I've been pinning ponte knit skirts and dresses for example, so I can figure out what to do with the 5 yards of it in my stash!

    Hope you're well!

  3. thanks for the shout out! i have to confess, it's not really restraint that keeps me from checking pinterest more often, usually it's because i'm at work in the lab and don't have the time! trust me, i can spend hours on pinterest on the weekend or slow days!!


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