11 Nov 2010


oh my word!Just a quick post because I'm way too excited to keep this to myself. I won a giveaway! Evelyn of Oh My Word held a giveaway and I somehow managed to be the lucky winner. This is A First and I'm very excited. Stay tuned to see what the winning prize is once it arrives. Thank Eve! And if you haven't checked out her blog I do recommend it.

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Congrats! BTW, you did win something else a while back ... check #2 on the list: http://invisibleflower.blogspot.com/2010/09/ok-we-have-winners.html

    I couldn't find your address in your profile, but later found your blog ... been meaning to bug you for your address but I have been super busy so I didn't want to ask and then take ages to get the patterns in the mail! But ... if you send me your address now, I will try to hit the post office soon!

  2. Wow, thanks Andrea, sorry to make you track me down, I can't believe I missed that post!


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