15 Apr 2010

Costume Joy

My computer did a terrible thing, it ate all my emails, my files, my pictures of my nephew and basically refused to play ball. This has been a hard lesson learned in backing up bookmarks and emails and photos (not to mention having a computer that doesn't do things like that). 

But the silver lining to this cloud has been the time to start and finish the vanilla scented strawberry (I didn't have any strawberry scent), to finish the pink Lil' Miss Dawg for my friend's little girl and finally, but by no means least, the opportunity to fall madly in love. Again. 

I missed Pushing Daisies the first time around. I'd like to think I had a good reason for missing something so delightful, perhaps it was on whilst I was living in Australia, but I honestly don't remember. It doesn't really matter as I've found it now, better late than never. And what a visual feast it is! It instantly reminded me of Amelie with its exaggerated colours and sets. The scripts were witty, the premise was wonderfully weird and yet perfectly acceptable. Hell, there were plot holes a mile wide but it didn't matter because it was beautiful and full of sentiment. Oh, and the costumes, ooh the costumes ... as Olive likes to say: O.M.G.! 

I found the series through my love of Michael from Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day. Lee Pace was adorable and I instantly wanted to peruse the rest of his career. I'd read of the costumes in Pushing Daisies from another vintage blogger and when I discovered that not only was he in it but was also the lead, and sharing the lead was Anna Friel (I love her!), I knew I just had to watch.

And now I'm feeling sad, alone and Pie Hole-less after watching the final episode of the final series. There are no more adventures to be had vicariously with Olive, Emmerson, Ned and Chuck. That particular delicious pie did not fill my stomach and I'm craving more. Perhaps, after a suitable mourning period for a series that was cut too short for my liking, I'll go back and rewatch from episode one.

In fact, I know I will, as I can't get enough of Anna Friel's costumes and I want one of ... well, pretty much everything if I'm honest. Because it's love. Pure and simple.

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