3 Apr 2010

Oh So Disappointed!

The Waspie from WKD arrived and I am so disappointed, whilst still managing to be totally in love. First impressions were that it was beautifully wrapped and a lot pinker than I'd thought.

I immediately hurried upstairs to try it on and noticed several things right off the bat. It definitely did not feel as restrictive as the waist cincher from WKD's Glamorous range (which I learned, once I grabbed the tape measure, was because it wasn't cinching at all), and the shorter length was much more suited to my high waist. Unfortunately, whilst I loved the lacy panel on the front, it did nothing to help cinch, just held everything in (and I can do that myself). My 29" waist (well, 30" when I'm letting it all hang out) had stayed 29", whereas the Glamorous cincher had reduced my waist to 28.5".

Most disappointingly was the construction of the garment around my hips and rear end where the garment was curling under and creating a ruck. Overtly visible when in my underwear I can only assume this problem would still be visible when wearing a skirt or dress. This rucking may be caused by several things:

1) I had removed the optional suspenders (but really, if they're optional then don't make the garment dependent on having them to sit correctly)

2) because I'm two sizes smaller on my hips than my waist


3) to be perfectly honest I believe it's because the boning doesn't go all the way to the bottom of the fabric and instead stops just under an inch from the edge

Of course, it could be a mixture of all three but overall, for the price I'm paying, I want something that's going to do what it says on the tin. I ordered the correct size according to WKD's sizing charts (a 14, a first for me in RTW!) but am contemplating going a size smaller to see if that helps. If not, I'll be asking for a refund and possibly giving up on my hope of a pretty but functional foundation garment that'll help give me some curves, some lower back support and the sense of some femininity in an underwear drawer full of over-washed grey cotton.

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  1. Oh oh oh I am SO glad you de-lurked so I could find your freaking amazing blog! There was so much fantastic to read I got ADD and just started with the first post.

    First - I have always wanted to go to Wales. If/when I find myself there, I'm looking you up!

    Second - I here you on properly fitting underpinnings. I'm 5'1" and about a UK 10-12 (a pretty solid apple shape). I lucked out with one I found on eBay of all places. http://myworld.ebay.com/wickedred.com. Mine's listed as "
    VERY FIRM White 6 Strap Girdle Style Garter Belt" and I'm very happy with it. It could be another place to try?

    Third - Have you heard of Fedora Lounge? It's a message board community of people right up your alley :) I'm not as active on there as I'd like to be, but I bet you'll love it. Everyone is extremely friendly & helpful! http://www.thefedoralounge.com

  2. Yay! My first follower!

    You should definitely look me up! I can take you castle visiting for starters, there are three in the area to choose from.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Ebay seller, I've just had a rummage through their stuff and it's fab, once WKD refund my money I shall be purchasing something from them I think.

    I've heard of the Fedora Lounge but I'm not a huge fan of forums so I'd never checked it out, however I will definitely go take a look, am heading there now!


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