2 Mar 2011

Spring Is In The Air!

I mentioned on twitter this morning that due to the fact it looks like my bedroom has been binge drinking and then vomited my clothes all over the floor I've had to be very brave in my choice of clothing today as I didn't have time to iron/ determine what was actually clean. By brave I mean, not overly for the normal person. By normal person I mean not me.

I've not had a chance to play with my new camera (thank you Dad!) because of the terrible weather we've had recently but I rushed home today in the hopes of catching the light and giving it another shot. Two minutes after getting back in the house I decided it might be prudent to take a shot with my phone. Y'know, just in case.

Good thing I did, the above picture was the phone version. Despite figuring out how to activate the self-timer I've neglected to figure out how to focus and zoom (out) on shots I'm not currently in when there's just a wall in picture. Ah well, something to work on!

You're probably thinking 'what's so brave about that?'. The shorts, dears, the shorts. I've had these for about a year and never had the courage to wear them. I was surprised by how comfortable I felt in them once everyone in the office had noticed them and absolutely no one asked what the hell I was wearing. I may have to wear them again.

In other (sad) news, Nelson the Red Admiral butterfly I mentioned from an earlier post has passed away last week, just days before the first day of Spring. I've no idea how he survived through the winter months, particularly as he was living in my bathroom.

I also wanted to thank everyone who left comments on my muslin post, I shall be reviewing those when I get a second. That second doesn't appear to be any time soon unfortunately as I have a rather action packed month ahead with an imminent visit to Saundersfoot on Saturday for the St David's Festival and a fortnight long visit from my sister and nephew starting the following week.

My first blogiversary passed me by last month with nary a twinge, mostly because I've been a bit rundown with a cold that had no other symptoms than enormous lethargy and inability to focus. Should I be doing something to celebrate?

I also wanted to ask if people would like recipes for homemade beauty products? I make my own lip balm and have been planning on branching out but have been dithering over the question of how much DIY is too much? What do people think? Yay or nay?

I'll leave you with a couple of the less crazy photos from my new camera that I accidentally ended up taking.

Cardigan, undershirt and shorts: La Redoute
Shirt: H&M
Tights: New Look
Shoes: Hush Puppy

Edited to include: Oh my goodness, I completely forgot to thank Suzy for my new award! Thank you! I shall do a proper post for it later this week.

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  1. I think the shorts are LOVELY :) And so is your blog.

  2. L-O-V-E.. LOVE this look! And your first sentence made me snort with laughter :) Which has warmed me up - so I am thankful for that!

  3. Loooove the outfit! Though I now know I am turning in to me mam (read getting old) as the first thing that flashed through my head when you said shorts was "shorts what in this weather ooh you'll catch your death" Oh well it had to happen some time!
    Oh and its a Yay from me on the cosmetics front!

  4. Happy blogoversary -- and hooray for having the bravery for shorts :) I've thought about beauty products too and have experimented with sea salt spray (recipes on the internet) to make hair more manageable but not sure that counts. How do you make your own balm?

  5. Thank you Katie :)

    Diolch, KC!

    LG1980, my godmother read that sentance and refused to read any more of my blog, haha. I'm glad it made you laugh.

    Wendy, that's too funny! I find myself turning in to my mother at odd occasions too, the kids in my street are becoming very wary ;)

    Ali, I shall write a how-to for the lip balm, it's so easy and take very little ingrediants.


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