29 Aug 2011

The Big Cheese 2011

Every year my local town, Caerphilly, holds a free festival called The Big Cheese on the last weekend of July. So named - I presume - because once upon a time it was an actual cheese festival to showcase Caerphilly Cheese. Nowadays it's the site of a huge fun fair and market with organic food, homemade gifts and exotic animal showcases (the birds of prey are fabulous). There's living history and battle re-enactments in the castle, not to mention the mead and ale tent. Oh, and the hog roast. There's an awful lot of pig eaten at this event.

Every year I take the wolf for a wander through the crowds ... a very slow wander as we're often stopped every couple of feet by people asking about him. This year I took my camera and below are some of the things I snapped whilst out and about. Warning, a little picture intensive (I got a bit over-happy to be posting a non-css post).

I was a little fascinated by this lovely cider press, but it was awfully noisy

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  1. I like the look of the cider press! Was it actually making cider?

  2. It appeared to be. Apples were going in and being squished, but no actual cider was being offered for tasting :(

  3. Ah great pics. The weather was not very kind this weekend was it?

  4. Thank you! :)

    Actually, despite being quite overcast for most of it, it was really quite hot. I had some concerns over the wolf, particularly as last year there was a lot of water out for dogs so I didn't bother taking any. Sods law dictated no water was put out this year so I had to hit up the living history soldiers for a bowl and some water!


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