30 Aug 2011

Vintage Kitchen Scales

I've mentioned before I'm using pinterest as inspiration for the different rooms in my house. One of the many pins I love is this one, the vintage scales are great and add a piece of colour and interest to the wall shelves.

{ Source: via Angie A on Pinterest }

So I set out to scour eBay for my own and found these! The label needs replacing, luckily for me I have a friend with a printing business, but in the meantime my shelves look much prettier and they go with my mixer and my Aga. The kitchen is still very much a work in progress but I love all the little steps like these that take you closer to the finished product.

Shelves, crockery, glasses and cake stand - Ikea
Scales - eBay
Birdie measuring cups - John Lewis
Poppy glass picture - local garden centre
Enamel coffee pot - a present
Vintage mixer - a present

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  1. Oooh!! Look at all your kitchen pretties! I love how crisp and fresh everything looks. :)

  2. I completely love them, and the little china birdie measuring cups next to them that my Mum bought me. It's insane how much pleasure I get from looking at those shelves now!

  3. Super jelly of your scales! I would love a set but alas I have no room!

  4. Lack of room was an issue when I lived in Cardiff Bay, such a small flat I couldn't even fit the wolf in properly. So I solved it by buying a hoooge house ;)


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