13 May 2011

Ffefrynau Friday { 13.05.11 }

As with everyone else on blogger I've lost my draft post for the links, along with all the links themselves. I haven't had time to go back and find them so this is going to be pretty short and sweet!

1. great coat with fur collar 2. button napkin embellishment 3. mr fox coat from etsy
4. great idea for a kids photo shoot 5. fab dress 6. cheesecake choc chip bars
7. no bake granola bars 8. floor stencil tutorial 9. easy to create no drip paint trick

  •  Mena at Sew Weekly is currently making a dress a day using patterns from the Colette range. Check out the dresses she's already made and vote on the fabric she should use for the dresses to come at Sew Weekly.
  •  My housemate-to-be has introduced me to the music of Caravan Palace which is awesome-sauce. Best described as Electric Swing, it's a great mix of old and new and I'm loving it. Move over Rolf Harris!
  •  Kerry at Sweet Sanity has posted about a great way to hide your wireless routers, quick, easy and brilliant.

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  1. Love Mr Fox! I also love that coat which is something Mr Fox probably doesn't want to hear!

    And thank you for passing on the music intro, great music!


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