8 May 2011

Summer Portrait

I should probably start by reiterating that the idea of a weekly picture to track my life, looks (and by this I mean style, hair length, wrinkles, etc) and location was taken from Cassie who's excellent blog you should all go visit. The prompt to record the mundane pieces of my life that stick out when looking back on a week is the real life I actually live, as opposed to the interesting bits I'd normally blog about, and is a great way for me to look back on this period of my life.

This week's photo was taken before the rain started (again) in my back garden after a mammoth brushing of Bear. In fact, on the left of the photo is a chunk of his fur that looks almost like a white bowl. What you can't see is the rest of his fur all over the garden and up the side of the house behind us. You could have knitted a jumper with what I got off him and there's still far more to go!

Have a great Sunday, anyone got any plans?

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