10 May 2011

Project: Personalised Picture

Remy (my 2nd Cousin) & Noah, both aged 3 (or thereabouts)

It was my nephew, Noah's, 3rd birthday on 30th April. At the time I began planning what to make for his birthday he still lived in Colorado but that didn't put me off beginning the reindeer hobby horse from my favourite crafting book Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle by Tone Finanger. Then, a couple of months ago, my sister and her husband announced they were planning to return to the UK to live. Shortly after, Liz and Noah arrived, with Michael (her husband) following once his spousal visa was approved. Not only did this mean that my nephew is now on the same land mass and closer and easier to visit, it meant I'd actually get to know him in person.

Unfortunately, upon meeting him for the first time since his first birthday, I realised that all he's interested in is Thomas the Tank Engine and cars (or caaaars as he currently says it, the only word he says in American). The hobby horse idea, whilst still going ahead, would need a bit of rethinking perhaps.

And then, the weekend before his birthday, I fell ill and was unable to make it over to see them when they visited my parents. The hobby reindeer languishes on my desk beside me, its stick against the wall ready to be attached. I never got to give it to him. Fortunately, this meant I got to make something else! Something a little more postal service friendly.  

I needed something quick and easy to make, inspired by this picture on Pinterest I made a quick trip to Ikea via Asda and put together the perfect gift. Something small, tailored to Noah, easy to make and postable.

What do you think? I'm really pleased with it, despite the first print coming out green (which should tell you everything you need to know about the state of my printer). And because he's three and every child should have something they can actually play with on their birthday, I got him a Hot Wheels rumble car ... thingy ... toy. It makes noises. And talks. Just what every kid named Noah dreams of for their birthday, more caaaaars.

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