6 May 2010

Slack Tart Roundup Post

I've have been terribly slack and not blogged in aaaaages so this will be a nice (hopefully not too) long post to catch up.

Vintage/ Retro Shopping
I recently bought some canvas summer shoes as I have only wellies and heels courtesy of the wolf and his habit of chewing anything I touch. I've never shopped in Peacock's before but my friend, Joanne, told me that (given my budget) they would surely have something for me. She then proceeded to talk me (admittedly with very little arm twisting) into buying two pairs of shoes.

As you can see the wolf has already managed to cover them in hair and I've only worn them around the house! They're redder than they look in the photo and surprisingly comfortable. I'd always heard that wedges are easier on the feet than heels, now I can totally agree!

The second pair are black in the same style but flat. I'd photograph them but the wolf got his jaws on them a couple of days ago and tore out the inside sole. Fixable with an inner sole but not exactly photogenic.

Vintage Books
On a seperate shopping trip to Ebbw Vale, again with Joanne, I picked up a reprint of a book from Wartime Britain called Sew and Save. I've heard of this book from vintage bloggers and it's chock full of information about rationing and sewing. I picked it up for only a couple of quid from The Works but it's also available on Amazon and I highly recommend it, it's a fascinating read.

Vintage Fashion Fair
Blind Lemon are once again running the Vintage Fashion Fair in Cardiff, this time it's in Cardiff Bay instead of the Town Hall in the centre of town. It's running on Sunday 9th May from 10am at the historic Coal Exchange, Mount Stuart Square. You might recognise areas of the square from Torchwood and Doctor Who, and the Coal Exchange was the location of the first ever recorded million pound business deal. It's quite an austere and impressive looking building, sumptuously decorated inside (if I remember correctly it doubled as the Titanic in Doctor Who's Christmas Special with Kylie Minogue), there's paired Corinthian columns and wood paneling galore inside and I'm very excited to be going there. AnnaP from over the road is coming with me, tickets are booked, outfit's all picked out and I'm raring to go! If anyone's in the area and wants to come along then tickets are available on the door and there's a £100 prize draw at noon that everyone's entered into with their ticket purchase.

Vintage Festival
I'm not a fan of festivals as I have a teeny tiny fear of crowds, but the Twinwood Festival looks just too good to pass up. Luckily, my best friend, Jemma, lives 25 miles away from RAF Twinwood and is free on August Bank Holiday. We're both very excited to be going to this event (although tickets have yet to be bought) and I'm already planning outfits and shoes. Has anyone been before? I want to wear homemade outfits but I'm unsure what to make. I was thinking some trousers such as Simplicity 4044 and a short sleeved shirt but I also have a Sense & Sensibility pattern coming for a 1940's Swing Dress that I love. I was thinking of trousers and shirt for the day and then for the evening dance changing into the dress, that's not overkill right? Right?

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