31 May 2010

Project: Frock by Friday

Saturday evening I washed and dyed some yellow polycotton that I'd bought only to realise, in my impatience to get sewing, that I should really have taken the time to ask for a sample as it was the wrong yellow. Unfortunately the photos documenting the different colours didn't come out but suffice to say that the bright yellow has become a more golden yellow and much more the colour I was actually after!

Yesterday I spent the day printing out the pattern and piecing it together. Then printing out the pattern of an A-Line Skirt from Burda in order to make a bigger skirt that was more full than fitted as advised by Kathleen of Grosgrain when I asked her how to make a dress with a fuller skirt. And then spent far too many hours attempting to piece it all together. Neither pattern had seam allowances so I'm still marking out the front piece (back already marked and cut) and will be finishing the cutting today. Hopefully my head will clear up a little later (damn summer cold!) and I'll actually get some sewing done too!

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