4 Jun 2010

My First Outfit Post

Wow, my first outfit post. I'm not sure this is necessarily something I'll do often, I hate how I look in photographs, particularly self-taken photos on my phone. But today I'm wearing something that feels very much my style and I wanted to show it off. Having two one hour walks a day with the wolf usually ensures I'm in jeans for the day, particularly as the giant puppy loves nothing more than jumping up at me whenever he gets really excited regardless of what's all over his paws. However, today I made an effort and this is the result:

Me and my vintage Aga (circa 1943 ... the Aga, not me). The skirt is a denim straight skirt I bought in New Zealand when I lived there 9 years ago. When I bought it it was a good size or two too big, I've put on enough weight around the middle in the intervening years that it now fits without needing a belt. I love it most because of the frayed hem and the stretch of the denim, there's no kick pleat or vent built in to this skirt ... walking can be a trial for someone used to walking quickly but the wiggle it adds to the walk is much appreciated!

My top is another item that's too big for me, I bought it on a shopping trip with my brother's girlfriend and loved the mechanic style of it and decided I didn't care that it didn't fit. It's faded in the wash as I've had it about 7 years now I think and I rarely wear it because of its size but I do still love it.

My shoes came from Peacocks, I blogged about them here, as you can see I managed to get inner soles that worked and they are now, once again, wearable - no thanks to the wolf!

Shirt: Matalans
Skirt: Portmans New Zealand
Shoes: Peacocks

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  1. So many challenges! How exciting. :) Looking forward to what you're whipping up this summer. I think you mentioned a possible playsuit in the Flickr group? Excited to see it! I've been considering one as well.

  2. Given how badly I'm doing over the Shirtwaist Dress the playsuit could be a disaster beyond epic proportions! Let me know if you do make one, it'll be nice to see what a playsuit's supposed to look like ;)


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