13 Jun 2010

Remembering Christine

Almost two weeks ago the bravest woman I've ever known passed away. Christine Mitchell died after over fifteen years of living with aggressive cancer. She totally and utterly refused to give in but finally lost her battle a week ago last Tuesday. She is survived by three boys who have been family to me since I was three years old.

Christine was a constant; constantly smiling, constantly laughing, constantly dancing, constantly not doing the housework, constantly allowing us to use every sheet and blanket in the house to make forts in the lounge, constantly there at the end of the street, at least until now anyway.

After she passed away, my Mother returned to our hometown some 200 miles away and spent the week prior to the funeral with the boys and their families, helping them get the house in order and Christine's things organised. When she returned to Wales on Friday she brought back Christine's sewing stash with her.

When I visited my parents for a yummy Sunday lunch today I was greeted by two huge bags and a couple of sewing boxes. Mum and I had a lovely and slightly teary sort out. Christine loved sewing, knitting, crocheting and embroidering. She had no daughter to pass her sewing things on to, her daughter-in-law is a newbie knitter and we have packaged up all Christine's needles, yarn and patterns for Orla. Mum and I have divided the sewing and embroidering things between us, I'd like to think she'd be glad we are using her old things to make beautiful new things.

I don't have a scanner so I have no pictures of Christine to post here, but she will always be in my heart.


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