29 Jun 2010

What To Wear To ... A Job Interview { Part 2 }

Well, after the disaster of previous job interviews, all involving the same outfit and a comment from Molly about her lucky Banana Republic blazer I have decided that my blue and white polka dot dress is seriously unlucky. Thankfully I have dress number 2 of 2, a red, white and black snazzy number from Tescos as back-up.

This is the dress that Mum doesn't like so much, it has too much fabric apparently (please excuse the hideous bathroom, another product of the previous owners).

Personally, I hate the batwing sleeves but love the V neck cos it makes my boobs look fab but I have to admit I tend not to wear it to interviews for that exact reason. My 'party' shoes are in the foreground, red suede and fake red snakeskin. They are real beauties and I'm always the envy of every girl whenever I wear them as they're no longer available. Obviously I wear them at every available opportunity.

This dress is obviously luckier than the blue and white polka dot dress because the NHS phoned a few moments ago to offer me the Project Co-ordinator's job they interviewed me for this afternoon. Yes, after SIX MONTHS (9 months out of the last year) unemployed, pending references, CRB check and the salary offer I will be gainfully employed very shortly. Yaaaaaaay!

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  1. Congratulations!! That is a fabulous dress and the shoes are amazing!

  2. Thank you! It's nice when a cheap dress from your local supermarket turns out to be one of the best dresses in your wardrobe! :)


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