26 May 2010

SWAP Updated

I've settled on the patterns for The Plan. I'd originally planned on making the Shirtwaist Dress of the Frock by Friday project currently running on Grosgrain, but whilst I'm still making the dress I'm not going to include it in the plan despite its meeting the criteria of colour and style. This is mainly because whilst going through my wardrobe for my first job interview in almost six months, I realised I have almost no clothes suitable for the workplace of the real world (as opposed to the workplace of the telly world where smart or business wear were not prerequisites for the office environment, one could and did turn up for work in pyjamas if one wanted). I'll use the Shirtwaist Dress as practice and use the Simplicity 3673 as my dress for the plan, sneakily giving me two dresses at the end of the day!

Trousers Trousers Skirt Skirt
Top Top Dress Colour Scheme
Top Top Jacket

I had a lot of trouble choosing tops for The Plan, this is a problem as I have very little tops in my wardrobe suitable for a grown up professional, at work or at play. I'll probably make two different views of each of the two shirt patterns I've included below but these will be subject to change if I find something a little more suitable.

I've not yet figured out what jacket pattern I'll make. There's very little out there that I've found (yet) that's really called to me, but the jacket is the one area I'm not overly bothered about at the moment as I do have a few of jackets, a couple of which are actually suitable for the office.

I'll post the fabric swatches as and when I have them.

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