8 Oct 2010

Fashion Faux Pas?

I wore my latest eBay purchase to work today, unironed and in sheer desperation. When I put it on this morning there was a part of me that felt like I was wearing a party dress to work, but I decided that I could live with that so long as I had something to wear that I hadn't already worn this week.

I love the colour, I love the style, I am however a little annoyed at the sizing and it highlights my point regarding RTW clothing exactly. I took a risk on this eBay purchase as it was listed as a size 10 and I wasn't entirely confident my rib cage hadn't gotten bigger along with my waistline. This fits more like a size 12 on me and goes to show that Next just isn't playing fairly.

I know it's too big for me because Julie, one of the other women in the office, came in to work this morning in the exact same dress. Hers fits her perfectly and looks much nicer. We'd both paired it with black Mary Jane shoes (of differing styles thank goodness!) and a black top layer (Julie had a cardigan and I had a jacket). Julie had black tights and I was wearing my Nora Batty's but we still had to run around and hide from each other throughout the day (a little difficult when at a buffet lunch with 20 other people in a narrow corridor, particularly after Julie came and sat next to me!).

This isn't even a dress I can bbzzzzzz up the sides to make it a little smaller, it has a side closure using buttons ... which go all the way up to the armpit, making it a little difficult to close and open by yourself. I'm considering just refashioning it into a shirt or something as I love the colour so much but am a little afraid of ending up with nothing, or (as per usual) something 6 inches too big. At least as it stands now the dress is only about an inch or so too big!

Dress: Next via eBay
Shoes: I Heart Shoes 

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  1. Ooh - I really love this colour on you - you must figure out something!

    It depends on how much you need to take it in, but can you cheat a bit and move the buttons over a bit, as well as take it in on the other side?

  2. Thank you :) I'm going to have a chat with my tutor (erm ... Mum) about it and see what she thinks. Hopefully we'll be able to come up with something!

  3. I think it looks lovely -- fabulous, fabulous color and lovely style (though I don't have your colleague's fit to compare). Sometimes my frustrations with clothes disappear after they spend a long timeout in the closet ;)

  4. Thank you :) I think I'm just afraid to wear it to work again, I'm warming to the idea of wearing it in general, it's just too pretty not to.


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