19 Oct 2010

Scavenger Hunt

I've been tagged! I'm at a standstill in terms of clothes as a) I don't have many b) I can't afford fabric and so c) I have little to blog about. Consequently, this post is kind of like the white noise on a telly after a night out on the pish, you can ignore it if you like and no one will be the wiser ;)

Tell Everyone Who Tagged You:
Tea and Crumpets

Find and post the following items:

Your Favourite YouTube Video:

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A photo of something that will make people say 'awwwww':

Puck and Bear sparko after a spot of duvet destruction
A Funny T-Shirt:

{ Source: Unknown }
Okay, so not funny per se, but it makes me giggle every time I see it

Something Geeky: 

{ Image © Genie Chua }
The jump seat on the TARDIS is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat on. Seriously
{ Image © Genie Chua }
Much more comfortable than Captain Jack's

{ Image © Genie Chua }

An Image From Your Favourite Movie:

{ Source: Unknown }
This is me every time Viggo does something heroic:
"..." *thunk*

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Did You Make That?

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  1. That photo did make me go awwwww. Then Vigo made me go *thunk* too. He's so heroic and dark. mmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Heh, yay, mission accomplished! ;)

    He is so mmmmmmmmmm, isn't he? I think the only time he's not looked hot is when he played Lucifer in Prophecy, but he was awesome as per usual so it didn't really matter.


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