24 Oct 2010

Walk This Way

Autumn is well and truly here. It was a lovely crisp afternoon here in the Cwm Rhymney so I decided that, rather than trudging around the Old Tip as usual, I would take the wolf up the Pit Road and across the mountain ridge below the farm for a wander. Below are some of the sights we saw on our travels. It may surprise you to learn I don't own a camera (at least I hope it would), all the photographs on my blog are taken by myself on my phone unless otherwise stated. It makes getting interesting photos that little more challenging!

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Great pix, Pixie! That mushroom is so Disney--I had no idea they existed in real life. :)

  2. What beautiful views! Beats my city-scape hands down :(

  3. Thank you! I'm rather proud of my photos considering the equipment I've got available ;)

    KC, I know! I didn't realise they were really real either, but they grow here in abundance, I had to take a photo just to prove it! I have to admit I keep expecting to see a door or window open up.

    Lauren, after 3 years in London I couldn't handle the city-scape any longer, best decision I ever made!


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