12 Oct 2010

Top Five ...

Oh dear. Quietandsmalladventures posted her top five crushes growing up. Here's mine (and possibly where I began my fling with TV boyfriends). Your turn! Go!

1. Christian Slater (in everything he ever did*)

2. Morten Harket (that voice, that smile, those eyes .. mmmmmmmm)

3. Kyle Maclachlan (in everything he ever did* ... except some bits of Twin Peaks that I'm sure he was fab in but I never watched because I'm a wuss)

4. Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver (and, well Stargate now ... I'm still growing, right, does that count?)

5. Han Solo (interestingly, not so much Harrison Ford)

And an honorable mention to Jeff Richards who played second eldest brother, Benjamin, in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I adore that film and him.

* Did I mention I'm slightly obsessive? ;)

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  1. I'm with you on Christian and Morten! Morten is still so beautiful, I often hoped my Norwegian cousins would introduce me to his dopelganger but not to be *sigh*. The rest of my list would include Adam Ant, Patrick Swayze and David Bowie (most particularly as Jareth). David was later replaced by Keanu who himself was usurped by Johnny Depp. Ahh fond memories, haha!

  2. Oh my god, Jareth was just ... gah! Excellent choice!

    I can't believe how beautiful Morten still is, 20 years on and just as gorgeous. I seem to have a thing for the Nordic types, Viggo Mortenson has since been added to the list.

    I loved Patrick Swayze (who didn't after Dirty Dancing?) but that one came in at an older age, as did Keanu (who was then kicked off the list because my brother grew up to look too much like him).

    I'll have to run a current top five list to see the differences, but, oh how to pick which TV boyfriend to put on it?! ;)

  3. Well obviously David Tennant will be top of both of our lists! To be honest my "current list" probably reflects my viewing habits more than my top likes and changes with every new period drama that is made! My current list has to have Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds; drool drool; sorry move over David) and one that really seems out of place but I just adore him so much, the very great Alan Rickman. After that? I'm gonna have to think a bit more...

  4. Anyone who doesn't adore Alan Rickman has something wrong with them in my opinion! ;) I think my absolute favourite film of his was Truly, Madly, Deeply.

    Yes, David would be on my current list, almost at the top. I reserve the top of the list for Callum Keith Rennie who I have loved from afar for over a decade and every time I see him in something I just fall in love with him all over again (a testiment to his acting skills as he's usually cast as the bad guy!)

    I know how it goes with period dramas, always a new hottie to follow whenever a new one pops up, I keep losing track!

  5. Link for you, the eternally beautiful Morten looking just as sexy in a sketch as in reality.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HE9OQ4FnkQ&feature=related. Its a literal version, my new found you-tube obsession for 80s music videos!

  6. A ha ha ha ha! *struggles to breathe* Hahahahaha!

    Oh my god, that's the best literal video I've ever seen! "I'm handsome either way ... you know you like it that I'm flirting with you ..."

    I'm laughing so much the wolf came and jumped on me to make sure I was okay. At the risk of bodily injury I'm off to watch it again. Thank you Molly, thank you thank you thank you!

  7. oooh morten harket came very close to making my list as well!! i *might* have wallpapered a wall with pics at one time....

  8. Hahahaha, my entire bedroom and ceiling was at one never to be forgotten time covered in Christian Slater posters. It's a shame that 35 is seen as too old to do that, it would at the very least save me decorating my bedroom ;)


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