17 Jan 2011

Inspiration: Pastels & Photographs

Wow, we're barely in to 2011 and my attempts to post twice a week have already failed miserably. Thankfully, as I blog for pleasure and not money I have also decided not to beat myself up over this and just go with the flow, strike when inspiration, erm ... strikes and when TV boyfriends have better things to do than distract me with their siren calls.

When I first started pouring over magazines for decorating ideas for my house one of the many images I keep ripping out to keep were of rooms decorated in candy cane pastels. I love the colours, soft enough to be an impression rather than in your face. I love the timelessness of those colours and the hint of age they offer, perfect for a 19th century house. I keep forgetting those images in the face of so many other wonderful pictures portraying other things, right up until you get smacked in the face with them again and suddenly you're back on track.

Lola's Room on Etsy was that swift, open palmed smack that I can see now I was long overdue. And better yet, it's a British shop, the first I've managed to find on Etsy and a complete coincidence. I was searching for pictures of daffodils and wellington boots for a guest post I'm attempting to put together elsewhere on the interweb* and came across a blog that used photos from other sources to tell the story of their daily activities. As I scrolled down the page this photo caught my eye.

{ Source: Lola's Room }

I fell In Love. I immediately checked out the entire shop and have decided to purchase, well, everything. Once I've saved up, obviously. The above photo will go in my bedroom but I Have A Story To Tell would look great in my kitchen.

{ Source: Lola's Room }

I haven't decided what I'll put in my bathroom, but I'm definitely going to have to choose something. Possibly multiple somethings. For every room. Any suggestions or favourites?

* If it gets published I'll let you know

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  1. Blummin 'eck! It's posts like this that make LandGirl a skint girl! I have only looked at the 1st page and I have already mentally spent about £30! I love the pic of the cotton reels. Now.. just need to get me a dedicated sewing room and I'm off!

  2. I hope this link works, read it and thought of you and your lovely home, if it doesn't let me know and I'll email it to you.


  3. I'm usually not a fan of pastels preferring strong, bold colours but these photos have made me rethink. So pretty!!

  4. They are pretty aren't they? It's not fair, I too mentally spent about £50 before I'd even got two or three pages in. I'm not normally a pastels gal either, but the colours would look great on my walls (rather than me).

    Molly, the link worked perfectly, thanks so much for that, there's some lovely things on there.

  5. Glad it worked, you can never have too much inspiration!


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