20 Jan 2011

Queensland Flood Appeal


Unashamedly stolen from Sarah, all in the name of a good cause (and my best friend's house which was under 30ft of water). 

Help those affected by the terrible flooding in Queensland

Display the above button on your website, blog, etc. Get it here.
Donate an items(s) to be auctioned.
Purchase beautiful items to raise money for QLD flooding.
Participate in Quilts for Queensland.


  1. So sorry to hear about your friend and their house! :(

  2. Thank you Sarah. Luckily her fiance removed everything including the doors from their house before their area even started getting real warnings so there's only some minor structural damage to the roof to contend with. A big sigh of relief went up over here when we got the news everyone was okay!

  3. Do you know... I was wondering where I could donate some money too. I have friends in Oz and at the moment, they are safe. But all those poor people who are in such a sodden state is shocking :( Thanks for this link to the donation appeal.

    I have also just nominated you for a blog award... Don't worry if you are not into them - just wanted to let you know :)



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