4 Jan 2011

Inspiration: Steam Punk

I'm not just a sci-fi geek, I'm also a lover of urban fantasy and steam punk has caught my imagination (and the rest of the world's particularly after Sherlock Holmes) with it's crazy mix of technology and cool Victorian outfits. My lovely friend, Ewa, sent me a link to Dawanda this morning because she's awesome and she knew I'd like it. Dawanda is continental Europe's version of Etsy and has lots of fabulous products available. They're currently running a Take A Trip Through Time promotion to highlight several items and a few caught my fancy.

Velvet Spatz
{ Source: MemiTheRainbow }
Available to purchase here

I just love these, if I could afford them right now I'd be buying myself a pair quick smart. Unfortunately I splashed out on several different fabrics and a new back door, although in fairness the door was off it's hinges so that was more a necessity. Still, a budget is a budget is a budget and all that! There are multiple colours to choose from listed in the shop and if anyone buys some then I want pictures please!

Button-Up Fingerless Gloves
{ Source: Vikki0908 }
Available to purchase here

Aren't these wonderfully feminine and delicate whilst being practical? I am in love with the little buttons and the ruffles. It stands to reason I want a pair of these too. And a pair in green, if she'd do that ....

Victorian Lace Cuff
{ Source: LavenderStudio }
Available to purchase here

I'm not a fan of jewellery, I don't like the way it clunks or restricts (I know, I promise I am a girl really). I have long, thin fingers and a tiny wrist, most rings and bracelets look too big and clumsy on me, even if I could get past the noise. But this, this is pretty and decorative and is fabric, what more could a girl want?

I should mention I'm not getting paid to post about these things, and this will hopefully become a more regular occurrence on the blog (the inspiration posts not the getting paid or the not getting paid as the case may be) as I have reams of links saved that I don't really refer back to often enough. Hopefully this will remind me!

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  1. Cool post, love the fabric bangle!! xx

  2. I wish Steampunk would make more of an appearance on the high street. I love it. Ruffles and lace and corsets, with practical boots and coats. Just perfect!
    That and Dieselpunk should definitely be far more popular than they are.

  3. Thanks for the link! The spatz were brilliant. Me wants... :-)

  4. I'd never heard of Dieselpunk before, but it sounds intriguing and the images I've found so far are calling for more investigation!

    Personally, I'd wear those spatz out, and the gloves, and the cuff but that's why I chose them I suppose. Seeing other people wear that kind of thing as well? That would be awesome!

  5. I've been a lover of Steampunk for quite some time, only natural really since Verne is a favourite author, my dad used to build steam powered machines and through my early teens I dressed in a Victorian styled manner, I love history and vintage and attended school in a Gothic building...

    As for the above, you can make those! There are plenty of good free patterns for spats on the internet, they use a remnant of fabric and you can make them in a couple of hours.

    The lovely cuff is some pretty ribbon (probably from etsy or ebay) and a bit of lace stitched on...

    But I have to admit, I can't knit, I haven't time to learn yet so I'd have to buy those gloves too! I just picked up a couple of pairs of woolen "arm warmers" from my 99p store though that are very similar in style and could easily be jazzed up... oooh now there's an idea... thanks Toria!


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