24 Jan 2011

Sod The Heidi

I'm sorry, I thought I was smiling when I took this

I've been wearing my hair styled after one of Gertie's tutorials, so much so that I've actually taken to calling it a Gertie rather than Heidi. It's quick, easy and keeps it out of the way all day. Better yet, it doesn't result in a mass of hair at the back of my head that then catches on my car seat or my office chair. I do love a win, win situation. Unfortunately, as this photo attests (taken at oh dark thirty this morning) even immediately after it's been braided my hair still manages to never look tidy. I'm not entirely certain if that's due to my nervousness in using hair products or the general waviness of my hair or both. I rather like it regardless, so thank you Gertie!

And I'm wearing my new (to me) favourite pair of wool trousers. My mum gave me two black bin bags full of her clothes and these trousers were amongst them. Other (standing) photos aren't quite so flattering but I'm telling myself that's because I'm taking pictures on my phone instead of with a camera (that I don't own) and not because they don't actually not suit me. They're a grey coloured wool with a thin black stripe, very comfortable, and completely not the style I usually wear. They go rather well with my t-bar Hush Puppies and have rather quickly become a staple in my wardrobe. Huzzah for free clothes!

* Why yes, that is a Roman Gladius next to my bed, why do you ask? ;)

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  1. Nice do! And nice trousers! And nice.... sword?

  2. Lovely hair and trousers! You'd look marvellous in a snood. :)

  3. Thank you both! I'd never considered wearing a snood, Sarah, I may just have to try that one of these days.

    Haha, yes LG, it is a sword. My favourite of the two I own :)

  4. Loving the 'Gertie' up do on you!
    I have wondered how to do that style for ages, so thanks for posting the link!

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