8 Sep 2011

From Wales to the World

I'm not sure if this will work outside the UK but here's a little something my department put together, I hope you like it.

Edited to add: rather ironically, given the title of the trail, this isn't available outside of the UK, sorry about that! I'm afraid I can't find it on youtube where it might have been available worldwide. For those that can't see it, this is a trailer for all the dramas produced out of BBC Wales.


  1. Fantastic! I hadn't seen that yet. Brings a tear to the eye and makes me proud to be Welsh. :) Good job.

  2. Nope, not available in Australia...

  3. Thanks Ceri! :)

    Sorry Genie, I can't find it anywhere else either. It's just a trail for all the Welsh dramas that we produce out of the Beeb.

  4. Best of the BBC ('cept my beloved Casualty of course!) right there. Fab trailer!

  5. Give it a year, Lauren, and we can add Casualty to the trailer! Oh yes, I am excited about the move to Wales (and not just because I sent them my CV this week). I believe Promos make a drama trailer every season, so maybe watch that space?


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