25 Sep 2011

Project: Sorbetto { Surprise }

I thought I'd show you the latest muslin of something I've been working on for, oh, about a month now. I've joined the ranks of Sorbetto lovers, and quite rightly as it is just another example of brilliant pattern making from Colette Patterns. This is a Sorbetto with a twist, however. A Sorbetto Surprise if you will ...

Whilst I love vest tops during the summer, we're rapidly heading in to Autumn here in Wales and I was after something with sleeves. Easy enough, I thought, as Mena at Sew Weekly had posted a cap sleeve pattern. I wanted something that came in around the ¾ length mark, so I just continued on the side seam lines until I'd reached the 13" I'd decided on. The ruffle edge came about due to a picture I've had saved for around 5 years and I really just wanted to see what they looked like in real life.

The big headache has been the collar. It's still not right; despite multiple drafts it still has a small gap at the front that you can't really see the full extent of in the above pictures. My sewing of curves still leaves much to be desired, but I assure you, that is a peter pan collar. I'm tempted to continue fiddling, reduce the neckline of the main pattern pieces by a seam's width so as not to lose anything from the original line perhaps. Overall though, I really like it and am planning on making a version in red gingham, probably without the ruffle on the sleeve as I think that has a more summery and floaty feel than the current weather requires.

If people want it, and I can find a scanner, I'll make the collar piece available. Just be warned it's not perfect and could probably use some more fiddling by someone a little better at pattern drafting than me. Even Gertie's tutorial couldn't help me get it completely right. I should also admit that after four drafts I gave up on making the undercollar that tiny bit smaller as I could never get it to work when sewing it together, so it's a small one piece deal. Hopefully with a little more practice I can get the collar looking right!

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  1. Fantastic!!! I am going to make my own version, too! I do have Colette's Violet pattern, so I will use the collar from that. I love the sleeves - so feminine and pretty.

    Well done :)

  2. Why thank you! I wish I had the Violet (well, actually I wish I had all of Colette's patterns), it would have made it so much easier! Be sure to post your version, I want to see what it should look like ;)

  3. Woohoo, it's looking good! And I think it'll look great in red gingham :)

  4. Thank you! Not quite as pretty as your Beignet but hopefully once it's down it'll look good! :)

  5. LOVE it! It's so fabulous! What a great idea!!

  6. wow it's lokoing great! And you've just introduced me to Colette - how have i only jsut heard about them? Do you have the book, or can you buy patterns online? xx


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