9 Sep 2011

Tenby 24/7

On Monday 12th September, at 7.30pm on BBC One Wales, a four part reality series documenting life in Tenby will air. Filming took place in early August for the series, named Tenby 24/7, and Creative Services (aka Promos) were asked to put together a trailer for the programme.

It occured to me, shortly after rejoining BBC Wales to work with Creative Services, that the one thing I have access to that a lot of other bloggers don't is the world of television. Not actually as glamorous as most people imagine but lots and lots of fun.

I happened to mention in the office that I'd never been to Tenby and was nicely surprised to be invited along for the shoot. This involved a drive up to Pembrokeshire on a Tuesday mid-morning, an overnight and then a drive back that afternoon. A nice, easy couple of days you might think. Ha!

Phil (my boss) having decided his premise for the trail would be 'the colours of Tenby', put together a colour wheel and a list of things he thought we should shoot. Jon, the cameraman, added a few extra. I just went along to carry things, build sandcastles (that never made it in to the finished promo damnit!) and negotiate.

If you follow me on Twitter (@torsgrantham) you'll have noticed I suddenly developped an overwhelming love for Tenby and the RNLI. For those not in the know, Tenby (according to the BBC website for the series) is one of Wales' busiest holiday resorts, where people work hard during the summer to feast or famine in the winter. It's a beautiful town, located in a national park situated on the west coast of Wales (the sticking out bit on the left of the UK for those not local). Tenby's town houses are painted gorgeous pastel colours and the beach is all sand, blue sky and blue sea. The RNLI very kindly let us film the launch of their boat from right beside the sea doors, granting us access not normally allowed to the general public and I have to say, it was awesome! A big thank you has to go out to the residents and visitors of Tenby who were so helpful and not at all camera shy.

I specifically took my camera with me and took some shots, as and when I was free and able, of the filming and general vicinity to show you all. This will, once again, be a picture heavy post because I couldn't choose which ones I liked most (although be grateful I managed to scale it down at all, there were over 50 photos in total!)

(what to wear to a film shoot on the beach) I wore:
Skinny jeans - New Look
Shades - New Look (I'm sure I had a pair of these in the 80's)
Jumper - Oasis

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  1. Tenby is on my list of places to go to, along with Portmeirion (sp?), the village of "The Prisoner".

    Wales is truly a beautiful country, we are very lucky to have everything at our doorstep really: mountains, beaches and gorgeous scenery (a bit like France really ;-). It's even better when the weather's kind of course!!

    Oh and the work of the RNLI is great, real guardian angels on this earth in my opinion. Glad they got a bit of exposure- I believe they're affected by government cuts already...

  2. I'm actually going to Portmeirion in Feb so I'll let you know how that is (miserable I would imagine, given it'll be February)

    I completely agree, we're so lucky here in Wales, the landscapes are stunning and you can go from mountains to the beach in less than an hour.

  3. hi,
    I just wondered if you know whether Tenby 24/7 is due out on dvd for christmas?
    Thank you

  4. @Gemma, I'm afraid I don't, sorry. The department I worked for had no information regarding DVD sales as that's run by a different area of the BBC (BBC Worldwide usually)


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