6 Jul 2010

Bad Blogger!

Bad Blogger has twice now eaten a comment I tried to post in response to the very helpful quietandsmalladventures' comments. Each time it appeared but as soon as I navigated away from the page I commented on it disappeared. I have no clue why but this is a test post to see if Bad Blogger will eat my posts too. If you've posted a comment today then please repost once Bad Blogger get's it act together.

And because he's so adorable, here's the wolf sparko on the couch (and my stripy ironing board ruining the shot at the bottom there)

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. ohhhh i got mentioned, how wonderful!! one tiny thing though, bad blogger linked to my nonsewing blog! also i thought the striped ironing board was a surfboard, i love that!

  2. Wow, I did didn't I, that was rather rubbish of me! I've fixed it for you now though :)

    Hahaha, me on a surfboard would be a real recipe for disaster, you're confusing me with my younger, blond sister who has a sense of adventure when it comes to sports, I'm waaaaaay to vanilla (and fond of breathing without pain, hehe)

  3. aw thanks! you could totally surf, it just requires a bit of balance and a really big (and stable!) board :)


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