5 Jul 2010

Project: Simplicity 3688

{ Source: Tuppence and Ha'penny Vintage }

In my attempt to make this outfit (blue shorts and striped tee) yesterday I made shorts from ...

Simplicity 3688

... this pattern. It took me all afternoon, I inserted my first zip ever, I had to break a needle, I stabbed myself innumerable times with pins, I screwed up the waistband ever so slightly and I was so proud with the almost finished result that when I had to break the needle at 11pm last night to get my almost finished shorts off the machine I didn't actually care.

Right up until I tried them on. Yup. FAIL! They don't fit! And I'm not sure how to fix it.

I made a size 16 to fit my waist and foolishly forgot to slim down the hips so they bag. I can't take them in because it's a side zip so whilst I could slim one I can't do the other and wouldn't that look wrong?

The back gapes like you would not believe (well, based on her comment on an earlier post perhaps Molly would), even when I hold the waistband closed an extra inch there's still gaping. Is this a sway back? I have a definite S shaped back, perhaps I should be looking at Victorian styles instead?

I thought I'd be clever and use the sheet's hemming instead of rehemming the shorts. Ha ha, nice idea, but it didn't work. One edge is a good centimetre longer than the other on both legs because I didn't measure properly and, actually, they're too long anyway.

But they look fab. Seriously. If they fit I'd be over the moon with how well I've made them. I've never made anything like this. And I did it without adult supervision (namely my Mother). And look at my zip!

(the fabric's bluer in real life)

That's my first ever zip that is, I'm so proud! But I will have to cut that loose thread on the right there.

So what do I do? Do I try to fix it or do I just recut the pattern down a size and start from scratch? I've got enough sheet after all. But that will take me all day. Again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. i had a problem with the burda ruby shorts pattern that was similar....i haven't figured out how to fix everything, but i increased the amount of seam used (i had sewn 3/8' so i restitched them to be either 5 or 7/8", i didn't remove the old ones just sewed further in) on the front and back inside seams that run between the left and right sides. that helped alot with shaping the hips and by angling the seam at the top (by the waistband) you can make a snugger top and avoiding gaping at the back... that's my $0.02 advice, keep in mind i'm also a novice sewer :)

  2. Ooh, that's a great idea! I will definitely give that a try and see if it helps, thanks! :)

  3. Hello, I don't mind at all that you used my image here, but could you possibly give me a credit please? Scanning all my vintage magazines is a super time consuming process! I've elected not to watermark them all, so a credit back would be great. Thanks!

    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  4. Hi Charlotte, I'm so sorry, I had credited you on the original post with the image (found here) but obviously forgot on this post too. I've updated the page to credit you now. Thanks for pointing that out, I hate not crediting people for their pictures!


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