9 Jul 2010

Catch Up

I'm just nipping in for a quick catch up post, I've had my head stuck in a Nora Roberts trilogy, interview jitters and impending new job nightmares and as a result haven't done an awful lot of sewing (I've also had an extremely enjoyable day at Ikea with two crazy Swedes and the cutest little boy ever, plenty of walks with the wolf and far too much junk food so it's not all bad!)

I just popped in to tell you about this link. This one here. Read it, it might save someone's life. I don't know about you but I know nothing about drowning or what drowning looks like but as someone who lives near the coast and may just spend some time at the beach at some point this summer then this article could be a live saver. Literally. Hell, so long as you're near a pool let alone a beach then this is an article you need to read. The statistics mentioned are terrifying and the descriptions are something I hope I will remember for the rest of my life, someone elses may just count on it.


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