20 Jul 2010

Spotlight: My Work Place

I have no sewing to post about (although the stripey tee project is calling me as my fabric arrived this morning. Woo!) and I think I whinged enough in yesterday's post and didn't talk once about the joy of the finished project so, now, please consider that box ticked.

I thought I'd introduce you to my workplace by sharing with you the view from my box office where I sit like an ostracised automaton waiting for the request to change the dates on something I just changed five minutes ago and ten minutes before that ... and so on and so forth for the day whilst filling up the spare moments with pointless Twilight quizzes and random TV boyfriend picture hunting to pretty up the desktop. Oh, and discovering just how rubbish my blog looks on a PC instead of a Mac. All the colours and the layout were way off and the photos really dark. Is that just crappy BBC technology, fabulous Apple technology or something I haven't thought of? Do any of you have that problem?

BBC Wales Drama is nothing if not picturesque (well, it is if you ignore the garage). I live on the other side of that hill (mountain, not that you can tell from this pic). And as I am helping out in the Drama Department that means the halls are covered in pictures of David Tennant and the cast of Torchwood. See, there is a reason to love working for the BBC. Wanna see my office?

Titchy, huh? I kicked a Producer out for this office, heh. They've got nowhere else to put me so I am all on my own. The three people I'm PA-ing for haven't been in Cardiff for more than a couple of hours so far, I haven't even met two of them in my PA capacity (I met one of them in my previous incarnation whilst in telly but I doubt he'll remember that). It's all a bit random and weird but with Starbucks and Silent Night lyrics on big A3 pieces of card (long story ....)

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  1. Ooh, I'll be staying a week across the street from BBC Wales (Llandaff) next month at UWIC's Plas Gwyn Halls. Isn't Drama Village just a construction site now? Are you in Pontypridd?

  2. Ah, you'll be right next to my old place of work, Ty Oldfield! I have fond memories of that building. The Heathcock pub, just up the road as you head into Llandaff village was our regular haunt. Mmmmmm, steak and chips :)

    Yes, the new Drama Village is currently under construction. I'm out in the sticks at the current home of Welsh Drama at Upper Boat near Pontypridd which is fab because it's 10 minutes away from home so I get to have a proper lunch with the wolf and the kitten instead of sitting at my desk talking about work! Yay!

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